February 21, 2022

GLO KTCHN: Fresh Food With Purpose

GLO KTCHN: Fresh Food With Purpose
With Spring around the corner, it’s time to cut off the comfort foods from the winter and gear up with healthy on the go delicious meals! What’s my go-to lunch option? GLO KTCHN!
It goes without saying I am always on the go and barely have time to cook. Though I love to dine out, sometimes it gets to be too much and it throws me off my health-kick.
That’s where GLO KTCHN comes to play. Clean, home-made meals delivered straight to my door. The on the go packaging makes it super simple. 90 seconds in the microwave and I get a delicious meal with all the nutrients. For a busy real estate broker with events and late working days I appreciate their easy app to add or cancel meals.
The best part – the meals are Postbiotics, Micorgreens and have Biodynamic Turmeric that provide foods for optimum gut health, pack 40 times the nutrients and are anti-inflammatory! Did I mention how truly delicious and filling these meals are…
BONUS: Enjoy $120 off your first four orders! Head to GLO.KTCHN to get yours!

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