February 21, 2022

Nostalgia: Old New York Is the New Social Scene

Nostalgia: Old New York Is the New Social Scene
Whether it be the reemergence of a hotspot from the past or simply decor that transports you to an iconic New York decade, there seems to be a Renaissance happening in Manhattan. I can’t help but feel nostalgic, and at the same time embrace that youthful era.
Here are just a few places old New York is splashing the new scene.

Temple Bar

“This is the bar that started it all for a lot of people in New York,” nightlife veteran Rabin said, “It was their first experience with a grown-up, cool, sexy cocktail bar.”
For its comeback the drink list will have an array of martini variations, champagne and mezcal, but with a twist! The Negroni will be rebranded with a blue hue, rather than the basic red. And the most bougie part? A select few cocktails on the menu can be ordered as “royals”. What does that mean? You can top them with champagne, for a surcharge.

The Nines

This newly opened Downtown hot spot brings me back to The Great Gatsby era. The piano, the music, the red and black accents…I can go on for hours. Situated at what was once Acme, this new restaurant is comes courtesy of restauranteur Jon Neidich, of Le Crocodile in Williamsburg. The perfect bar to have a martini with my friend Paola Aatalson.
Insider Intel: Order the caviar baked potato. It’s a MUST!

Bemelmans Bar

I know what you are thinking. “Claudia, Bemelmans isn’t new.” And you are right. But, there is a renaissance of the clientele. A younger generation is now discovering it. Still, it remains iconic and takes you back to a time of elegance and class.
The downtown scene is making its way uptown and taking in all that the Upper East Side has to offer.

The Top Of Park Lane

This isn’t open to public just yet, but I am leaving it here to put on your radars. Perched 47 floors above Central Park, this garden oasis is situated on Billionaire’s Row.
Park Lane is really having a comeback and is on the pick list of Conde Nast. Stay tuned for our full review once The Top makes its New York debut.

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