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August 26, 2021

Ready for Center Stage(ing)

Ready for Center Stage(ing)
When listing a home for sale, the end goal is always for it to sell, not for it to sit on the market. We want it to present at its absolute best from the color of the paint on the walls to the furniture in each room. This is where staging comes in.
This is an often overlooked, yet critical step, in the home selling process. The rare few homes are unique or stylized enough to stand on their own. For the rest, sometimes a little TLC is required (and that’s ok!). How each person lives in a home is completely different from one another and staging helps to “neutralize” and stylize a space. For most, this can involve only swapping in new furnishings and for others, this can include new furniture plus light contracting. Design trends change, as with anything, and buyers want to feel as if they’re purchasing something new and fresh.
Living Room of 112 West 13th Street

We’ve partnered with Interior Marketing Group (IMG) to stage quite a few of our recent listings and the results have been phenomenal. Take the above photo for example. Buyers are instantly amazed every time they enter this home at how chic it is. With consumers constantly being bombarded with ideas of how a home “should” look, this is a scene right out of a tv show or movie.
Family room of No. 229 East 62nd Street

Our listing at No. 229 East 62nd Street is a testament to how staging is beneficial for buyers to visualize a space and how it helps to sell a home more quickly and at a higher price. This stunning home was on the market for only 3 days before receiving 4 offers, all negotiated over ask.
Will your home be next?

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