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March 12, 2021

The Gift of Tracy! Tracy Anderson Holiday Guide

The Gift of Tracy! Tracy Anderson Holiday Guide

Renowned celebrity fitness expert Tracy Anderson has highlighted great items to gift this season. Aside from the classic Tracy Anderson apparel and classes, check out the gifts below to spread the love holiday season:

  1. See Scout Sleep– this company specializes in high-quality, stylish  products for your beloved dogs and cats.

  2. Woodzee Sunglasses- Designed in California, these sunglasses put a modern take on classic designs to keep them fresh and on trend.

  3. Warby Parker Glasses– The well known brand designs their glasses in-house to ensure quality, trendy glasses at a “revolutionary” price.

  4. Indego Africa Varsity Keyrings– All profits from these cute, hand-embroidered  keyrings fund educational training programs for the women who handcraft our products.

  5. Radiant Cosmetics– Strong formula that’s long lasting and friendly to all skin types, try out their whole product line this winter.

  6. ONEHOPE Wine– ONEHOPE not only creates award-winning wine but also gourmet coffee and gifts. The company donates to many non-profits aiming to end child hunger, provide clean drinking water, and much more. Choose a glittery bottle for the holiday season!

  7. Philanthropy Harlow Distressed BFF Tee– Philanthropy’s hand distressed clothes take casual-chic to a whole other level, without skimping on comfort. Besides having great clothes, 10% of their net profits go to Children’s Hospital LA, ASPCA, and another local animal charities.

  8. Lenny’s Women’s Health Tee– Support and protect women’s health in this cool tee made from 100% recycled cotton, designed by artist Grace Miceli. All proceeds benefit the Center for Reproductive Rights.

  9. State Lorimer Backpack– State’s understated, lightweight backpack with a stylish edge is perfect for all ages- plus for each bag sold, they hand-deliver a backpack filled with essential tools to an American child in need.

  10. Love Buttons– A perfect add-on accessory and stocking stuffer, the proceeds of these buttons are used to support humanitarian programs that promote physical and mental health, nurture education and cultivate loving action, both locally and globally.

  11. SnuzNLuz Wifi Donation Alarm Clock- An incredible idea, every time you hit snooze on this alarm clock, it sends sends a signal to your bank to donate a designated amount of money to a charity you dislike. As the company says, “We promise you’ll never snooze again with SnūzNLūz or you’ll eventually go broke. It’s that simple.”

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