February 14, 2020

Wellness Guru, Tracy Anderson

Wellness Guru, Tracy Anderson
The New York life blog and newsletter was born in 2012.  One of the main forces in my life that have helped me achieve balance in the many roles I have as a NYC Real estate Broker, Mom and wife is this amazing human Tracy Anderson that I’m dancing with above.  I blogged about the New York life pertaining to all my roles in the city and loved sharing my work out regime, passion for living and selling NYC real estate and inspiration in fashion, food and culture.

When I met Tracy Anderson in 2009 at her raw loft in Tribeca on Hubert street and experienced her method, trainers, dancers I had my children at ages 3 and 2 and a real estate company with 3 offices and 100 agents.  I desired a workout that can increase my energy and back and give me a lean strong body…   I had no idea how much I would truly gain. 

Since then I am more connected with myself and people than I’ve ever been.  I have a tool to release my stress and problem solve in any aspect of my life.  I’m healthy, I detox in infared room with humidity and can co-exist with the hustle and bustle of NYC.  

Fast track to today. I have been a devoted and loyal member because I have gained a tool to shift my vision, I have gained a deeper insight to how to respond to the various variables that I juggle each day.  Each day since 2009 I’ve been challenged with countless of creative moves via Tracy Anderson Method that continues to strengthen me each day in mind, body and spirit.  

Each amazing athlete has a coach to be their cheerleader and push them and inspire them to grow.  Tracy Anderson has been not only a dear friend by a trainer that has elevated my lifestyle in health and community since 2009. 

With a grateful heart I share my testimony on how I live inspired by committing to my health, wellness, and the community I’ve gained in the Tribeca and  Watermill studio and virtual is priceless.

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