April 17, 2023

Spring Into Wellness

Spring Into Wellness

Source: Paola Atlason

As the weather warms, my desire for kicking my bad habits to the curb start up as well. The ultimate test for me for me was putting my Martini Mondays on pause for Lent which proved to be much easier than I thought.

My dear friend, Paola Atlason, who I interviewed back in October on her wellness journey, just developed a new program called Foundations which is a course that focuses on helping people build the foundation to introduce a healthier and more intuitive eating style.

Source: Paola Atlason

ntroducing: Foundation by Paola Atlason

During her Intentional Eating Foundations live course, you’ll learn the deep impact stress has on your body, and how your emotional state informs the “why”, “how” and “what” you eat. You’ll cultivate the confidence and self-awareness you need to reach and maintain your goals, as you establish a reliable at-home routine, and strategies for eating out and on-the-go.

Paola will teach you how to build balanced meals that are simple, delicious and satisfying, and you’ll learn how to cook without recipes while still enjoying flavor. You’ll understand the science behind my food-as-medicine approach to support you in reaching your fat loss, hormonal balance, digestive, and autoimmune health goals. This course will take the guess-work out of cooking at home, eating out, or ordering in – while keeping all the fun!

I’m so proud of Paola’s journey! Learn more and register for the Foundations Course here.

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